Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sorry for the brief posting hiatus, yinz guys. We were busy working on local elections celebrating the end of the onslaught of judicial candidate literature, which was murdering trees. Quickbeam is legit pissed about that.

Seriously...I want to know how many trees died from Michael Marmo's literature, and how many holes in the ozone layer were catalyzed by the plastic manufactured for all those Anthony Coghill signs. And you lost, you douchebag. So more trees died to make the tissues Matt Hogue is using right now. Man that kid is a tool.

It's a little early for this, but we are requesting a thank-you note (and maybe a thank-you post) from the Mayor. Without our endorsement, the seven people who check this blog regularly wouldn't have gone out to vote and would not have helped contribute to that massive beatdown we all just witnessed. Congrats, good sir. Now don't ever fucking let this happen again. Seriously; keep Danny Boy away from Hillary, and Hillary away from our children. Matter of fact, keep Dan away from our children, too. We all remember what he did to them geese.

In closing, sorry again for not posting anything for a few days. We're still reeling about the Pens glory, the Pirates on a winning streak and more conservatives pissed that Obama kills babies. Hell, Mar still hasn't stopped looking at his blackberry since the Puck Huffers girls emailed him back.

PS - I met a guy named LANDO today. AND he was a gitney driver. EPIC.

The author, right, pictured with his new acquaintance, Lando.

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