Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mr. Tomlin goes to Washington

Today is a very special day for this blog. Two of our most beloved entities, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Obama Administration will be converging in our nation's capitol today to talk about how nice winning is, among other things.

The team, sans all-star linebacker James Harrison, will be visiting the White House today, and will be joined by five police officers who were colleagues of the three officers slain last month. They are the first Super Bowl team to be greeted by the new president, an appropriate honor for the first team to get six of these. Bitches.

Considering this president has a pretty good approval rating and has the support of people other than the solid quarter, I wonder if anyone is going to have any qualms about visiting him, or have certain issues he wants to bring up. Because, if I remember correctly, Joey Porter wanted a refund from Georgie.

Either way, you know we'll be posting the Youtube clip up as soon as we can find it. If we can find footage of the Steelers pimping Washington the way the Pens did last week, we'll put that up too.

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