Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How come the only people freaking out are conservatives?

Via Media Matters comes this lovely snippet of the fear-mongering the right is going to try and stir up about having someone other than a white, Protestant male in the Supreme Court. Guess how many people in this video are white?

Yep, all of them. And they all shockingly are terrified of Sonia (or as Huckabee calls her, Maria) Sotomayor.

And they should be - They're right. Sotomayor's status as a Latina woman is totally going to affect her ruling, and neither her Hispanic side nor her female side knows what it's like to be white or a male. So we are all in deep, deep shit.

Because, you know, none of the Justices presently on the bench have reputedly been racists or sexists in any way.

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