Friday, May 8, 2009

Is it just me, or is Patrick Dowd really spiderman?

With great mayoral power comes great responsibility:

In light of last night's forum in which candidates for Pittsburgh's coveted Mayor-for-life debated budget woes and all things Pittsburgh, I thought I would provide this brief educational primer on the candidates. I am no Matt Hogue (read: I am not a huge toolbag) but I will do my best here.

1.) Patrick Dowd is a giant douchebag. He was on the schoolboard, then the City Council and now he thinks he can be mayor. That's bullshit. Don't vote for him.

2.) Sorry to offend people, but Carmen Robinson is a joke of a human being. She's been an upstart for her entire career, and despite popular belief, has trouble speaking the English language. She is not qualified, and certainly is not (sorry Carmen) smart enough. She is tactlessly ripping off the Obama campaign (her website is chock full of Obama-isms) and there are serious racial undertones that are hidden in about 90% of what she says.

Not that we're the best proofreaders, but we try to be as professional as bloggers can be. But this is one of many examples of the lack of professionalism that plague Ms. Robinson's website:
I've gone up against a formidable opponent!
I've dealt with all that goes along with fighting the good fight and won.
I've am conscious, mobilized and ready!
I've come out of the battle better, stronger and wiser.
Huh. Wiser, huh? Wiser but less articulate, maybe. Sorry Carmen, but you're not getting our vote - regardless of whose "boy" you're not. What a dumb slogan, by the way. "She's nobody's boy!" No fucking shit, you're a woman.

3.) Luke is not perfect, and he's made a few mistakes, but in all fairness he had a city thrust onto his shoulders at an age when most men with a 412 area code are playing beer pong and getting ready to go out to Matrix and find slutty-looking girls to grind on for 4 or 5 hours. And guess what? Pittsburgh is the shit, and it hasn't burned down yet - granted it came close a few times.

In conclusion, simply by not being the other two candidates, we here at tRBT are supporting Luke Ravenstahl for Mayor this primary season. Not that we're Matt Hogue, though. Man that kid is a tool.

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