Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The economy is crunked

We didn't listen to Paul Krugman. Luckily, he doesn't think we are in an "utter catastrophe" anymore; but the point is, we are not listening to heralded economists, leaders of nations or anyone else for that matter. Yet, all around us is insurmountable evidence that we are in a pretty bad economic recession. Today's sign of the times: an apparent lack of bling around the necks of rappers these days.

You heard it here, folks. No more getting "iced out" or rockin' your fresh grillz vis-a-vis Paul Wall; the economy is hurting so bad that our most coveted American musicians can no longer flaunt the coin.

Snoop just isn't going to look as cool sipping out of
an old-fasioned beer mug, man.

Perhaps the most insightful comment came from "Slim" Williams, co-founder of Cash Money Records, the organization which initially coined the phrase "bling" in the late 90's.
"People think these big pieces are blindin' but they be like D-quality diamonds, and when you try and sell them you learn they ain't worth a thing; You can't be doing it like we did it no more."
You're damn right, Slim. But that's cuz we be in, like, a D-quality economy right now.

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