Saturday, May 2, 2009

In American you have Joe the Plumber... In Russia we have Ovechkin the douche

Only difference is Joe isn't licensed plumber but Ovechkin is licensed douche.
- Evgeni Malkin -

Puck drops at 1. The series that Gary Bettman and the NHL are creaming themselves over... NBC doesn't give two shits though and is more than willing to cut away from overtime in favor of the grand 'ol spectacle that is horse racing.

This will be another hard fought series for the Pens, and as much as we all may hate him Ovie is the type of player who can change the series in a heartbeat. That's what happens when you take two or three dozen shots per game... just don't ask him to back check.

Just like the Flyers series (any guesses to Mike Richards handycap?) this will come down to goaltending. Who would you rather have between the pipes MAF or Varlamov? One has been in the Cup Finals... two wins away from Lord Stanley. The other stopped a bunch of shots from a lackluster Rangers team that had no business taking that series as far as it went.

Pens in six.

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