Monday, May 4, 2009

Traditional marriage = good

Traditional boobies = bad.

This is epically hilarious, and a great lesson in dumb-broadism. Turns out NOM's newest spokeswoman and latest opponent of gay marriage, Carrie Prejean, has no problem with receiving free breast implants at the expense of the pageant. Traditional matrimony I guess trumps traditional anatomy, in Carrie's mind.
MAGGIE RODRIGUEZ, CO-ANCHOR: A question we're going to put to Keith Lewis, the co-director of the Miss California organization, who joins us this morning from Los Angeles. Good morning to you, Mr. Lewis.


RODRIGUEZ: First of all, can you settle this once and for all? Did you pay for or help pay for Miss California's breast implants?

LEWIS: We assisted when Carrie came to us and voiced the interest in having the procedure done, yes.


LEWIS: Well, you know, first off, it's not something that we endorse, nor is it something that we suggest. But when we meet with the titleholder when she's crowned Miss California, we put to her a litany of questions about how she feels about herself, what she feels she needs to work on, what she may need to change, what is good, what is not good. We want to put her in the best possible confidence in order to present herself in the best possible light on a national stage.

RODRIGUEZ: Why is the best possible confidence involve getting breast implants? Why does that improve her odds of winning? Why in that meeting don't you discourage her from going that route, rather than help her to pay for breast implants?

LEWIS: Well, we would never encourage her to go that route, but...

Aside from all of the existential questions this forces into the back of one's throat like an impending projectile vomit, one very tangible question first needs to be addressed: Why did it take the media almost an entire week to figure out that these babies were fake, and that this was obviously ironic?

It took my creepy neighbor 30 seconds, and that was only because he was opening a Pabst Blue Ribbon pounder for the first 15.

Next week, we are looking forward to the next fucking hypocrite to come out against gay marriage, so we can ridicule them accordingly.

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