Thursday, May 14, 2009

So long, Nature.....*Goulet*

Wow, that budget the PA Senate Republicans have proposed really is going to be great for the Commonwealth. Especially the part about 35 state parks having to be shut down for the summer as well as a reduction in public access to state forests.

Because who the fuck needs forests, anyways? No one uses that shit around here. So what's the big deal?

And while we're at it, who needs art? Pennsylvanians don't need that highbrow, limp-wristed art crap around here interfering with all of our coal mining, so we might as well get rid of some of the places you can find it, like museums. And shit, if all of these programs get closed down, we might as well not fund the education of stuff like the arts and history and literature and what not; everyone knows that shit isn't going to help turn a profit here in PA.

And with all of the forests gone, our Boy Scouts can do other things; like, you know, learn how to chase immigrants back over the fence, or how to interrogate someone with a pellet gun! Because we might as well start these kids up early so they can be ready to serve our country. What could the negative effects be? It's not like the heightened pressure and stress is going to get to them or anything. And if it does, what could possibly happen?

Keep up the good work crunching the numbers over there in H-burg, Fast Eddie.

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